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Raise your hand if you had a healthy breakfast this morning.

Now raise your hand if you had a fried-chicken biscuit sandwich and cheddar tots this morning.

Now raise your hand if you just want to eat a giant s’mores cookie right now.

Groups two and three, we’d like a word at Leghorn Cafe, an open-all-day diner spin-off of the original that opened this very morning in River North. (Here’s your menu, and here’s your slideshow.)

It occupies the onetime Ohio House Coffee Shop. Wisely, they didn’t mess with it... too much. They kept those counter chairs and that odd little diner seat. But they spruced it up just enough with copper countertops, quirky tile flooring and some copper chicken wire.

Swing by tomorrow before work for some Stumptown coffee and a biscuit-and-egg sandwich with hickory-smoked ham. In the afternoon, your lunch will be a chicken breast or thigh with one of their seven sauces like kimchi BBQ. It’ll be a good breakfast and a good lunch.

Oh, and it’ll be open until at least midnight on weekends. The hour when no mentally present individual refuses a plate of umami fries or fried chicken skins sprinkled with Creole spices.

Aka the chickening hour.

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