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Your date: “Where can we go out for Japanese scotch and caviar?”

You: “Hmm. Not sure.”

Us: “You should go to Fuji at Assembly, 4,400 gleaming square feet of sushi, Szechuan stir-fry and a whole lot of other good stuff that’s neither of those. Oh, and Happy Halloween.” It opens Wednesday in Somerville, and you can see the slideshow here.

You two will come here after a leisurely evening of merchandise perusal at Assembly Row. At first, you might think you’ve stumbled into some high-end Japanese design store. Blame the polished concrete floors, rough-hewn wood and general minimalist vibe. But then some stir-fried Szechuan pork belly shows up and dashes that thought.

Your best move: securing two old-school assembly line seats at the white stone sushi bar and plundering their Japanese scotch supply. Then table the whole discussion by ordering some truffled salmon belly and rice crackers topped with urchin and caviar.

The conversation will turn to that massive boat resting on a wall shelf. Ask and you’ll learn three wonderful things: 1) its official name is “The Boat Supreme,” 2) it’s three feet long, and 3) it’s capable of carrying 80 sushi passengers.

It can do that because it’s a Boat Supreme.


Fuji at Assembly
320 Canal St
Somerville, MA, 02145


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