Oasis at Gold Spike

Gold and the Beautiful

An Art Deco Funhouse That Also Has Beds

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So time travel hasn’t happened yet.


Oh, but here’s something: Oasis at Gold Spike, a new ode to ’60s Vegas in the form of an art deco hotel with 24-hour poolside cocktails, vintage Huffys and a bunch of rather comfortable beds to do with what you please, now open downtown. (Your slideshow is right here.)

This place used to be a Travel Inn back in 1962. Then it closed and was nothing. Now, it’s a place with classic neon lighting, colorful Eames chairs and old-school record players in the vinyl library.

Dates that ran into overtime. After-hours parties. General wanting-to-be-there-ness. All solid reasons to book the “Ultimate Crash Pad.” It’s nice. And it’s called the “Ultimate Crash Pad.”

Anyway, once you’re settled in, maybe head to the pool and summon a couple of mai tais to your daybed. Time your tanning flips to the DJ’s playlist. Challenge someone to a game of giant Jenga. Pedal around on one of those retro Huffy bikes.



Oasis at Gold Spike
217 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89101


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