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A Key West Hideaway with Distillery Ties

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There are more bars per capita in Key West than anywhere in the country.

That’s a solid reason to visit Key West.

Note: you don’t really need a solid reason to visit Key West.

So take US 1 south to The Marker, a bright new waterfront base camp for exploring the Keys’ upstanding drinking establishments, taking reservations now for December 1.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. This is the first new hotel built in Old Town Key West in 20 years. And it’s from the Revere hotel guys up in Boston. So expect good things. (Take a look here.)

2. There are three secluded swimming pools and a tequila bar/restaurant named Cero Bodega. You hopefully noticed the tequila part.

3. Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is supplying the resort with an exclusive, private-label rum, so the drinking should be pretty good.

4. Your room has a soaking tub and a private porch overlooking the water.

5. “Today, I learned ropeworking with a salty sailor, got a massage by the pool and earned my keep at a conch-blowing contest.” That’s something you can say here.

6. The concierge is called “The Conchierge.”

We assure you they’re not a Disney character.


The Marker
200 William St
Key West, FL, 33040


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