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A Nice Place to Eat Science Food in Kendall

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First, we’d like you to imagine a restaurant that is 100% normal.

Got it? Good.

Now, we’d like you to imagine Café ArtScience, a veritable lab of mad food science and the exact opposite of that other thing you just imagined, opening Friday in Kendall Square. (Here’s the slideshow.)

There will be no quiz, but know this:

It’s your all-in date play.
Marble tables. A tremendously green velvet couch. A little duck confit followed by roasted-peanut mousse with caramelized brioche and frozen milk.

They turn wine into edible paint.
And use it to rim the gin-heavy Koi Pond, complete with edible flower petals soaked in cognac. Which probably isn’t helpful for photosynthesis.

The private dining room is a giant cylinder.
They call it the Honeycomb. It’s an all-white space with Old-Hollywood-style director’s chairs and eraser-board walls. That last part makes more sense once you learn that they hold biweekly lectures on art and food and stuff in there.

There’s this cocktail...
A whiskey one topped with vaporized Belgian ale. So that’s neat.

You can take home some of the cofounder’s culinary inventions.
Like WikiPearls. They’re coconut ice cream bites “packaged” inside of an edible fruit skin.

And they said Dippin’ Dots were the future.

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