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A Fine-Looking Eyewear Shop in Oak Cliff

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One day we may be able to sense heat signatures like Predator or a pit viper.

But until then, your eyes... kind of important.

Related: here’s Glass Optical, an intriguing new eyewear shop that looks like some kind of period-piece speakeasy but, upon further inspection, is really just an eyewear shop. It’s open now in Oak Cliff.

What we’re saying is: this is an unusually nice spot to procure things that protect your eyes from UV rays and improve your vision. Because they’ve got the means to do that—in-house optometrist, good selection of frames—but they’ve also got a big chesterfield sofa. Which... comfy. Plus brick walls, sleek woods and more things you can see right here.

So go ahead and browse those shelves for a new pair of frames. There you’ll find brands like Garrett Leight, Oliver Peoples, Moscot and other attractive face garnishes. If you’re getting glasses, they’ll cut your lenses on site. And if you’re getting sunglasses, just pick some up and be on your way.

Though, you’ll need to pay first.


Glass Optical
833 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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