Hallowed Grounds

Five New Ways to Do Halloween

Halloween. You’ve done one, you’ve done ’em all. Okay, that’s not really true. Case in point: these five new All Hallows’ Eve parties.

Dancing and Drinking. In the 1930s.

Dancing and Drinking. In the 1930s.

You require: Finger-wave hairstyles, a jazzy chanteuse and an exceptional cocktail.
You’ll receive: Little Havana’s Ball & Chain transformed into a 1930s gin joint. Expect some jazz standards from Kitty Carmichael, and Haitian Hillbilly doing his thing with some classics. Turntables: huge back in ’32.

Oct 31, 9pm, no cost, Ball & Chain, 1513 SW 8th St, 305-643-7820

Partying with Roberto Cavalli

Partying with Roberto Cavalli

You require: Jungle cats. Correction: models dressed as jungle cats.
You’ll receive: A jungle where Cavalli’s dining room would normally be, plus a steady stream of body-painted models handing out treat bags, live serpents (seriously) and a personal appearance by Roberto Cavalli (seriously, seriously).

Lil Jon and Contortionists. Sure.

Lil Jon and Contortionists. Sure.

You require: The meaning of “Turn Down for What.”
You’ll receive: A 20,000-square-foot, hell-themed mansion complete with aerialists, contortionists, a massive amount of LED video walls and, yes, the DJ stylings of Lil Jon. Mr. Jon is apparently a man of many talents.

A Night with Princess Leia

A Night with Princess Leia

You require: Lightsabers. And buns. Of the hair variety.
You’ll receive: The Mos Eisley Cantina—but with a DJ... and Spanish tapas. Also, the best Star Wars getup wins a tasting dinner by the head chef here. If you’re thinking Jar Jar Binks... don’t.

Oct 31, 10:30pm, Perfecto, 1450 Brickell Ave, 305-372-0620

Creepy Clowns on the Dance Floor

Creepy Clowns on the Dance Floor

You require: Late-night dancing. DJs. Sinister juggling acts.
You’ll receive: Wasco. Yeah, you know, that city in California with that menacing-looking clown posting photos of himself all over town. He and his brethren will be on the dance floor at Mokai. Maybe keep the balloon-animal requests to a minimum.

Oct 31, 11pm-5am, $30, Mokai, 235 23rd St, Miami Beach, 305-531-5535

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