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Another gift season approaches.

It’s unavoidable. We checked. Called a congressman. Switched to the lunar calendar. Didn’t help.

So what you need: a drink.

But also: some gifts wouldn’t hurt.

Find those at Anteks Curated, an ode to the American Southwest that’s flush with stocking-stuffer essentials like hatchets and flasks, now open at Preston Center.

Take a good look around. Sure you’ve got comfortable couches and handsome horse portraits, but you’re here for the stockpile of gift-worthy curios. Here, these ought to get you started.

—Hand-forged hatchets that are probably great for chopping firewood or whatever people use hatchets for these days.

—Rugged canvas bags and all-weather jackets from Filson.

—Hunting knives sporting handles carved from bone.

—Also cheese knives, if that’s more your speed.

—Bottled mint julep and Old Fashioned cocktail mixers.

—Waxed-canvas aprons for protecting your shirt.

—Leather-encased flasks to keep your drinking covert yet tasteful.

—Hand-painted canoe paddles.

—An actual canoe.

And maybe a gift receipt.


Anteks Curated
4004 Villanova St
Dallas, TX, 75225


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