Shay’s Gotta Have It

The Cuvée Guys Made You a New Place to Dance

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Hello and welcome to the first meeting of the River North Nightlife Debate Society.

The topic:

Chicago nightclubs are no longer very much fun.

A group of “turned-up” individuals waving flaming bottles of champagne and fist-pumping to Tiësto.

Shay, a curvaceous little sweet spot with cocktails, things to eat and stiletto-proof seating fabric, now open for your debauching pleasure. (This is the slideshow and this is the menu.)

And it does make a compelling case.

See, the group behind Cuvée has taken over the former Crescendo space. And they’ve lightened things up a bit with white tile floors, floor-to-ceiling accordion windows and mirrored surfaces everywhere. Looking good, but...

They’ve also lightened things up figuratively. Which means you can stop in and sit at the bar with some sumac-spiced fries or pork belly bao before easing into the night. And cocktails. Those, too. Like the Vermont by Train, a rye/maple syrup concoction.

As the night progresses, the music tempo increases. Famous people sneak in through the back VIP entrance. Attractive people in heels climb onto banquettes. Banquettes that are specifically designed to withstand such a romping.

Sometimes furniture just gets it.

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