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RIP, Tobacco Road

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Tomorrow, after nearly 102 years, Tobacco Road is pouring its last drink. And sure, it’ll be survived by close relatives—Fox’s and Mac’s Club Deuce. But it was the first bar in Miami. And you never forget your first.

So without further ado, a brief history. Or eulogy. It’s really up to you.

The Beginning
The year: 1912. Liquor license #1 is issued to Tobacco Road. Technically a bakery, as soon as Prohibition rolled around it started doling out contraband booze from the loft upstairs. Apparently, bread makes a great front for a speakeasy. 2014, take note.

The Middle
Over time, Tobacco Road played host to jazz and swing bands. Did a brief stint as a house of ill repute. Served up a mean steak as a café. The military even declared the bar off-limits to all personnel for over 40 years based on its reputation. Not like that actually worked or anything.

The End
So tomorrow, there’s a farewell party. And yes, there’s talk of a new location. A food truck. And even an outpost on a cruise ship.

But c’mon. Everyone knows speakeasies can’t swim.


Tobacco Road
626 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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