Schmear Pressure

Bagelsaurus Is Back. This Time for Good.

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We wish we could tell you that Bagelsaurus was a prehistoric beast made entirely out of bagels.

But we can’t, because it’s the cult pop-up’s transformation into a permanent bagel promised land, and it’s now open in Porter Square. (See the slideshow here.)

The story begins in long-ago 2013, when our heroine first began peddling her circular baked goods twice a week at Cutty’s in Brookline. Lines were formed. The words “sold out” were used. Hearts were broken.

But now, she has a place to bake for all eternity. A place that could pass as a Finnish architect’s breakfast nook, what with all its white walls, ash-wood tables and modern-looking chairs.

You’ll come here on any morning that desperately deserves a cold-brew Colombe coffee and a black pretzel bagel with mustard butter. And return in the afternoon for an almond butter, banana and bacon T-Rex bagel sandwich. (Here’s the menu.)

They’ll also have non-bagel offerings like coffee cake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And that other thing you really hoped they’d be serving: pizza bagels.

Hear that? That’s the sound of you reaching peak bagel.


1796 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA, 02140


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