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Fall and Winter. Here’s the Best of It.

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Bears are fools. Because by hibernating, they miss out on all the best parts of the cooler months, like oyster fests, countywide hard cider celebrations, snowmobile escapades and other fall/winter spectaculars best paired with a good, warm jacket.

A Countywide Hard Cider Shindig

A Countywide Hard Cider Shindig

Each year, Franklin County is gripped by an uncontrollable mania for all things cider. Symptoms include:
—Cider-making workshops.
—Apple pancake breakfasts.
—Cider and cheese pairings.
—Apple-themed harvest dinners.
—A tasting with over 65 North American and European cider makers under one tent. So much better than a circus. 

Bed. Breakfast. Horse Rides.

Bed. Breakfast. Horse Rides.

It hasn’t felt right to string “bed” and “horse” together in the same sentence since The Godfather came out. But you’ll make an exception for this New Hampshire bed-and-breakfast with 20 rideable horses, panoramic views of the White Mountains and 70 acres to explore. That’s three and a half acres per horse, if you’re keeping score at home.

Your Dogsled Awaits

Your Dogsled Awaits

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to shout “mush” in a non-ironic situation. And now a New Hampshire sled dog kennel is offering you that opportunity with canine-powered trips ranging from breezy two-milers to 50-mile overnight epics. This is not the time to have a dog allergy.

Snowmobiling in the Granite State

Snowmobiling in the Granite State

Snowmobiles. Here you thought they were only for cinematic chase sequences. But this Granite State outfit will lend you one at either of their two locations. You can go it alone, or arrange guided tours through known moose territory. The moose are cool with it.

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