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A Wilshire Palace of Surf and Turf

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Afternoon traffic really isn’t so bad.

Just as long as you’re watching it over lobster tails and prime steak from a colossal Wilshire patio.

Then it’s really not so bad at all.

Secure a spot at Ocean Prime, an opulent new palace of surf, turf and patio at the Wilshire-Camden-Dayton crossroads, now taking reservations for next Tuesday’s opening in Beverly Hills. (See the slideshow.)

Here’s hoping you spend a lot of time at WME these days. One, because it bodes well for your career. And two, because it puts you about 50 paces away from this power-lunch/after-work spot for wine, whole fish and aged prime steaks.

It’s split into two halves, separated by the arched building entrance. On the left: teak, leather, black steel, glass... and a sushi bar for lobster tail rolls, with a dining room beyond where dry-aged prime steak and blackened snapper are preceded by things like white truffle caviar deviled eggs. (See the menu.)

To the right: a more intimate lounge—plenty of polished wood and glass here, too. Martinis would not be wrong.

But if you’re really nailing this thing, you’ll make reservations for the huge patio out front looking onto Wilshire.

Thing, nailed.


Ocean Prime
9595 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


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