If You Mast

It’s Called Mast. It’s Going to Change You.

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One day, you may tire of bi-level pizza spots opening up Downtown.

But that day is not today.

Great timing for Mast, two new floors of Neapolitan splendor without end, opening Saturday in Downtown Crossing. (This is your slideshow.)

And now, three ways to play it:

For the first-date lunch.
The kind that doesn’t call for white tablecloths or a secluded corner. No. Two red leather high-top chairs in an airy upstairs dining room will be fine. Sit back and let some bucatini all’ amatriciana play to your advantage. Maybe nail the pronunciation first.

For your immediate pizza-based desires.
Secure a stool at the copper-topped pizza bar in front of the 7,000-pound wood-fired oven that was flown in from Naples. Things will come out of it. Things topped with broccoli rabe and housemade sausage. Things covered in truffle oil. These things are pizzas, by the way.

As your personal liquor vault.
The subterranean lounge: great for sipping whiskey-laden Negroni O’Masts around mighty chesterfield sofas. But better for buying a whole bottle from the bar. Because 1) you can do that, and 2) if you don’t finish it, they’ll store it in a locker for future deployment.

Best locker room ever.

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