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A Dark Den for Copious Sake Consumption

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That’s a fear of the dark.

And if you’re afflicted, well, two things:

1. There’s no cure. Sorry.
2. We hear drinking sake helps...

Enter: BLK Orchid, a dark, illicit chamber of sake, raw fish and Japanese seductresses located in the basement of the Townhouse, opening tonight. (See the slideshow here.)

Now let’s get you up to speed:

It’s in the former Bondst space.
And it’s the yin to the rest of the hotel’s whitewashed yang: black walls and tables, Japanese script bleeding on the walls, bonsai trees, black clouds on the ceiling and a bar that’s serving over 20 kinds of sake...

... curated by the sake sommelier.
Because they have one of those.

They don’t serve sushi here.
It’s called oshi. And it’s a technique from Osaka that packs fish and fermented rice into tight boxes. But you can also get duck and foie gras prepared by an Alain Ducasse protégé to share with a mysterious so-and-so in a corner alcove...

... which is being overseen by a pouty Japanese seductress.
Don’t worry. She’s a photograph on the wall. You’re not going to have anyone supervising your chopstick technique.

Unless you like that sort of thing.

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