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Union Square Donuts 2.0 Is Something Special

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Question: How would you improve upon Union Square Donuts?

Answer: Make it bigger and have more donuts.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Here comes the next chapter in the story of Union Square Donuts, the cult Donuteer’s bigger, stronger, faster home with all the donuts you remember and some you don’t, open as of right... now. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Now about those numbers you asked for...

Doors down from the old address: 2
Percentage of increased kitchen space: 200% (give or take a few)
Amount of donuts made at last location: never enough
Planned increase in donut production here: 50%
How many donuts that is: still not enough
Increased presence of sure-we’ll-find-a-use-for-that wood and exposed brick on a scale of 1 to 10: 10
Comfortably sits: 8
Uncomfortably sits: 16, depending on lap size
New donut flavors served: 5
Number of new donut flavors containing the words “peanut,” “butter” and “cup”: 1
Tap lines pouring cold-brew coffee: 1
Wait time for new savory donuts like bacon cheddar sage and spinach feta: 1 month
Probability of cinnamon buns, coffee rolls and brioche happening in the future: high
Time their new apple cider cake donuts sold out on opening day: noon
Chances of that happening again: pretty damn good


Union Square Donuts
20 Bow St
Somerville, MA, 02143


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