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Breaking Down Two New 24-Hour Spots

None 16 Photos Whist Stove and Spirits and Due & Proper
Sure, we could easily give you one good reason to leave the Strip.

But you deserve better.

So here, have two...

Whist Stove and Spirits (left) and Due & Proper, two rather different, rather open-24-hours-a-day establishments located right next door to each other. (See the slideshow here.)

Both open Tuesday, both are from the Commonwealth and Park on Fremont people, and both are about to be broken down in 3... 2...

The Space
Whist: A garden-lined charmer with vaulted white brick ceilings, velvet chairs and oversize surrealist pop art.
Due & Proper: Real Gangs of New York vibe happening. Wrought-iron candle chandeliers. Dark corner booths. Ignore all the flat-screens if you want to keep that vibe going.

The Edibles
Whist: Anything from grilled Spanish octopus to seafood hot pots. Date stuff.
Due & Proper: Fried chicken, bangers and mash, and whiskey wings. Come-with-a-bunch-of-friends stuff.

The Drinkables
Whist: A massive center bar will serve tons of rare beers, but also cocktails like the Rosemary’s Baby with rosemary-infused vodka, ginger beer and a great name.
Due & Proper: More beer. Lots of it. From all over the world. In all shapes, strengths and colors.

Well, strengths and colors anyway.

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