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Wine, Headstands and Morel Pot Pies in Downtown

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You know when people say “only in LA...”

Well, this is exactly the kind of thing they’re talking about.

Consider The Springs, a huge new complex of yoga, massage and food that didn’t come from an animal—but hang on, there’s also a nice, long wine bar—opening Saturday in Downtown. (See the slideshow here.)

First, there’s the big main room. That’s where you might meet up with your date, the kind of date who obsesses over proper wrist placement during their downward-facing dogs. The kind of date who might be into a craniosacral massage. The kind of date who... whatever, you’ll be having your pinot at the bar when they’re done with class.

All around you: industrial Arts District–ness. Tropical plants. Strategically placed graffiti. People talking about acupuncture treatments, vinyasa classes and infrared sauna treatments from the treatment rooms and yoga studio beyond.

But back to that bar. Back to your (organic) IPA or (sustainable) pinot. That’s just the start. From there, you guys will stroll over to a nearby two-top under a rising palm to share morel pot pie (see the menu) and spaghetti carbonara with coconut bacon.

The other, other, other white meat.


The Springs
608 Mateo St
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


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