Tale of the Tape

A Little Showdown Between Two Brewpubs

None 16 Photos Diving Dog Brewhouse and Woods Bar & Brewery
Diving Dog Brewhouse (left): it’s open now.

Woods Bar & Brewery: it’s also open now.

They’re a block away from each other in Oakland (see the slideshow here), and they both want to make you beer. There are no losers here. Or are there? Let’s take a look, tale-of-the-tape-style...

The Vibe
Diving Dog: The brewery is the bar. The bar is the brewery. We can see you sitting on a church pew not far from the kettles and barrels.
Woods: The brewery’s upstairs here. Downstairs: 20-foot mahogany bar, covered patio, fire pit. It’s nice.
Edge: Fire pit. So, Woods.

The Beer
Diving Dog: 30 on tap, all local. The Diving Dog label is coming soon, including several ales and a holiday brew. (See a sample menu here.)
Woods: 12 on tap, including one made with yerba maté. The newest one’s a brown ale named Fred.
Edge: 30 >12. That’s just math. So, Diving Dog.

The Special Little Something Extra
Diving Dog:
You can make an afternoon appointment to brew your own beer. Two weeks later, you come back to bottle it.
Woods: History (it’s in a 1927 building). Pedigree (this is their third spot). Empanadas.
Edge: Empanadas is an unfair advantage. We’ve no choice but to call it a draw.

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