Tale of the Tape

A Tale of Two Aussie Pie Shops

None 15 Photos Aussie Pie Kitchen and Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop
First, LA needed some gifted, genetically blessed thespians.

And so, it was flooded by Australians.

Eventually, we needed to find a way to feed them.

And so, we were flooded by Australian pie joints.

One is Aussie Pie Kitchen, which just opened in Santa Monica. The other is Westwood’s new Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop. (Compare and contrast in the slideshow here.)

Let’s make them fight each other, tale-of-the-tape-style. Hey, it’s Friday. Why not.

The Scene
Aussie Pie Kitchen: A subway-tiled, stained-wood sliver with window stools looking onto Main Street.
Garlo’s: A bigger Westwood Village café and bakery covered in photos of smiling Australian pie-eaters and at least one kangaroo.
The Edge: Aussie Pie Kitchen’s got that date-friendly, look-what-I-discovered vibe. But Garlo’s has the kangaroo. So... let’s say Garlo’s.

The Food
Aussie Pie Kitchen: Steak-and-shiraz pie, lamb-and-rosemary mini pie and applewood-bacon-and-aged-cheddar breakfast pie.
Garlo’s: Fajita chicken pie, mac-and-cheese mini pie and bacon-and-egg breakfast pie.
The Edge: Aussie Pie Kitchen. We did say steak-and-shiraz pie.

The Drinks
Aussie Pie Kitchen: Australian coffee, herb-infused lemonade.
Garlo’s: Australian coffee, American soda.
The Edge: Draw. Neither is apparently Australian for beer.

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