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Falafel and Schnitzel by the Truckload

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If you were planning on reading any other emails about mobile falafel distribution today, don’t.

Delete them. Mark as read. Whatever you have to do.

Because this concerns Rami’s Food Truck, the inevitable truckification of that beloved Brookline kosher spot, rolling out Monday.

Should you ever encounter it in the wild, know this:

It’s 100% kosher.
The menu’s right here to help drive that point home.

There’s some pedigree involved.
The original Rami’s started serving Israeli goodness in Brookline back in 1990. The word “kosher” has made you inexplicably hungry ever since.

They’re bringing the whole menu over.
If you can order it at Rami’s, you can order it here. Beef kebabs, chicken schnitzel, scratch-made hummus, baba ghanoush. (The slideshow isn’t edible, but here it is anyway.)

They just saved you a significant trip.
The spice mixes used in their sauces, turkey shawarma and falafel come straight from Israel. Rumor has it they know a thing or two about spices in those parts.

Nectars. Learn them. Live them.
It’s a thick, pulpy Israeli fruit drink that exists somewhere between juice and smoothie. And they have them.

Someone has to have them.

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