Pump It Up

A Site Full of Random Educational Videos

None Sit up and pay attention to Brain Pump, a new site that generates random, educational videos across a range of topics like food, card games and chemistry, online now.

There’s no telling what you might learn. Although it could be this stuff.

The correct way to eat a pomegranate.
Finally, a resource that cuts through all the misinformation and teaches you how to properly eviscerate and consume fruit.

The science of procrastination and how to manage it.
Watching a video on the subject kind of defeats the point, but hey, you’ll get it next time.

How baseballs are made.
It’s a video that teaches you how baseballs are made. So you’ll never be caught off guard when a friend asks you how baseballs are made.

The McDonald’s Peace Theory.
Here, a gentleman provides a compelling treatise on how countries with McDonald’s tend not to fight other countries with McDonald’s.

Kinda makes us crave a burger.

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