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“What’ll it be today?”

“Just a little off the top, thanks... Oh, and throw in an Old Fashioned.”

That’s a fake conversation. Maybe you could tell. But it’s looking more realistic by the minute.

Thank High & Tight Barbershop, an old-school situation that’s offering haircuts and shaves, as barbershops do. It’s open now in Deep Ellum. There’s also a bar in back, which is much less expected. That’ll open soon.

As long as your hair keeps growing, you’ll need someone to cut it. And this place will do just that. Except they’ll do it in a handsome brick-walled space (see it here). You’ll be sitting in a circa-1920s chair that’s been outfitted with supple leather. And you’ll be drinking a good beer, because they’ll offer you one and you will accept it.

Haircuts, fades, straight-razor shaves... eyebrow stuff. Go for it. And then check in soon, because a speakeasy-style bar is opening in the near future. There’s a hidden door in back that will take you there, plus a separate entrance if you’re swinging by late. Either way, that’s where you’ll find a big wooden bar, leather sofas and cocktails. The latter being the primary reason to go.

Sometimes alcohol and sharp objects do mix.


High & Tight Barbershop
2701 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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