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Bologna and Rusty Nails in Andersonville

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The flux capacitor.

The Wayback Machine.

Bill and Ted’s excellent phone booth.

Pure fiction.

But we can assure you that the time-traveling device we’re about to expose you to is very, very real.

It’s called a bologna sandwich.

See, Summerdale—a new eatery bathed in the warm glow of yesteryear right down to the enchanting aroma of thick-cut charred bologna—opens tomorrow in Andersonville. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s basically a little throwback neighborhood diner. The menu’s written on a chalkboard. The walls are dotted with things like posters from the Edgewater Hotel’s glory days and a picture of Miss Andersonville 1966. The bartender is quick with a Harvey Wallbanger or a Rusty Nail.

Oh, and Marty Fosse of Anteprima, Ombra and Acre fame is a partner here, so expect your comfort food to be very... comfortable.

A low-key dinner with friends sounds about right. Someone’s going to order some IPA cheese spread and one of those bologna sandwiches. Someone’s going to order a Double Napkin Burger. And everyone will order root beer floats and ice cream sandwiches because that’s what you do in diners.

That, and drink Rusty Nails, apparently.


5413 N Clark St
(between Balmoral and Rascher)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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