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Lo, we bring you tidings of great gumbo, which shall be rendered unto you and a date tomorrow night...

It be calledeth King Bee, and it’s a rustic journey into glorious Louisianan dinners and fortified-wine cocktails, opening tomorrow.

Inside Llewyn Davis was shot, in part, here. In fact, a former research biologist created a cocktail named Llewyn’s Door for the place. It’s fortified wine, hazelnut orgeat and stout. So there’s all that.

But on to the point of the thing: first-date catnip is what you’re working with here. And we’re just going to take you down a couple steps off a quiet block in the East Village and tuck you right into a nice, warm slideshow.

Along the way, you’ll develop feelings of covetousness for marinated chicken, rabbit rillettes and an herbaceous gumbo.

... Or maybe that already just happened.


King Bee
424 E 9th St
(between Ave A and 1st)
New York, NY, 10009


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