Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Catching Fire

A Japanese BBQ Joint Where You’re the Chef

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You shouldn’t play with fire.

Everybody knows that.


Okay, maybe just this once.

Live dangerously but not really at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, a new tabletop grilling spot where you’ll eat, drink, be merry and set things on fire, now open for dinner in Chinatown. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.)

What you have here is a kanji-art-lined meat den with black carved wood panels, a porcelain cat statue and a bunch of tables with little circular grills built into them. Those grills are important. Those grills are for you.

But maybe bring a bunch of people, too. Your server will ply the table with miso-glazed bistro hanger steak and beef tongue. With Japanese pork sausages and white soy duck breast. And it’ll all be raw. So you’ll want to cook it.

Next thing you know, everyone’s telling stories. Pouring each other sake. Saying “Ha.” Talking about how much better this is than not cooking food in the middle of a table.

Anyway, that’s the next thing you know.

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