Checky, Please

This App Helps You Put Your Phone Down

None Think about how many times a day you check your phone.

Now, with that in mind, pick a number between 1 and disturbingly high.


You give us no choice but to prescribe Checky, a new app that, for better or worse, keeps count of precisely how many times a day you check your smartphone, now available for iPhone and Android.

Once you download it, you’ll see a white circle and an interesting-enough green background. And that’s it. Every time you unlock your phone, that number in the circle will increase by one.

You might not take it seriously at first. Maybe you’ll just do it out of curiosity.

But then, the numbers start adding up. You wake up in a cold sweat thinking about them. So you gently throw your phone into a sock drawer and never look back.

You start meditating. And finally learn how to sail. You sail across the Pacific and climb distant peaks in foreign lands so you can study the mysteries of life in solitude. You return to civilization and share your wisdom through a series of short essays. It restores harmony to billions of lives. You are a hero.

Individual results may vary.

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