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Old flames.

Sometimes you just can’t resist thinking about them.

The memories of dancing, of romantic dinners, of... aphrodisiac appetizers.

And you start to wonder... do they still look good at 80?

This innuendo is brought to you by Rainbow Room, which is, in fact, the Rainbow Room, which is reopening grandly high up at 30 Rock on Sunday. See the slideshow here, and then have a look at this legendariest of legendary establishments, by the numbers...

Take the elevator to floor: 65
Days you’ve been without this place: 2,088
Days they’re open to the public per week: 2
Number of those days that are for brunch: 1
Roots in the Roots: 10 (counting The Tonight Show guys)
Reasons we mention that: 1 (they’re performing on opening night)
Number of hours it seems Questlove has in a day: ≈35
Odds you end up with oysters Rockefeller: 1:1
Cocktail bars now attached: 1
Name of that cocktail bar: SixtyFive
Brand-new outdoor terraces they’ve got now: 1
Landmarked dance floors here: 1
Other landmarked dance floors you know of: 0

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