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A lot of times, the things you see online don’t happen in real life.

A cat playing Chopsticks.

OK Go using treadmills.

And that’s unfortunate.

But this... this is not one of those times.

Feast your eyes upon Warby Parker, Atlanta’s first brick-and-mortar outpost from the spectacle whisperers you’ve been admiring from afar through the Internet all this time, now open in Buckhead Atlanta. (See the slideshow here.)

Tufted-leather banquettes. Color-coordinated books. Sconces protruding from dark wood walls. It feels like the living quarters of a not-unsexy librarian and an art-collecting, scotch-swilling optician in here.

But first things first: the frames. They’ve got sunglasses in colors like whiskey tortoise and striped olive for any situation that happens during the 12 hours after 8am. They’ve got glasses glasses for any situation where you need to see things. They’ve got a monocle for the sake of having a monocle.

Test out a few contenders. Grab a random book off the wall (oh, good, Emily Dickinson) and read a sentence or two. Then slip into the photo booth to make sure your new glasses photograph well.

The anti-selfie movement is strong here.


Warby Parker
262 Buckhead Ave NE, Ste C315
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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