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Hope Your Date Likes Tempura Brownies

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Newton, MA.

Official nickname: “The Garden City.”

Unofficial nickname: “That place that’s about to get a crazy-good Chilean date spot.”

Pass go and collect Comedor, a new garden of Chilean delights from a Sarma vet, opening Saturday in Newton. (See the slideshow here.)

Store the following information in a safe, dry place:

The name means “dining room” in Spanish.
Appropriate, considering all the date-worthy two-tops, the maple counter seating along the bar and the open kitchen. Consider it your front-row seat for rabbit empanadas and beer-battered swordfish nuggets. (Hey, you dropped this menu.)

You can buy a giant picture of a machine gun here.
They’re hanging two sizable works from LA-based siblings the Couto Brothers, and both are on sale. One is a psychedelic Uzi, and the other’s an enormous leaping shark titled El Tiburón.

Tempura-fried brownies.
They have those. Nothing else to say here.

In about a month’s time, brunch will be a thing.
Expect s’mores french toast and homemade donuts served dim-sum-style.

As much as anyone can expect such things.

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