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Would be trite if it weren’t so true. Or if that “F” stood for Friday, which in this case it certainly does not.

It stands for Fries.

That’s right. We’re saying: “Thank God It’s Fries.”

Which, okay, probably doesn’t make a lot of sense... until we lay this on you:

Philly’s Best Sports Bar, an offshoot of that mini chain known for its reliable way with a Philly cheesesteak, is on the cusp of creating some serious disruption in this town’s french fry game, starting now.

First, take a look around. (Here’s the slideshow.) Nice, right? They’re creating that whole casual sports pub persona (liquor license is probably a few weeks out). So there are plenty of TVs and a little lounge area with chairs. Not too fussy, but good.

If you just want a bite while you watch Bears-Packers—or to pick up a few Philly cheesecakes, grinders, wings and straight-from-Philly Tastykakes and watch at home—it’s a fine place to be.

But let’s get you to that fry bar. Think of Chipotle (stick with us). Now subtract tortillas. Add french fries with 48 possible toppings: gyro, pot roast, srirachannaise, Belgian curry ketchup, kimchi, Philly cheesesteak...

Kind of saw that last one coming.

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