Things to do for September 25, 2014

The Weekender

Weekday Brunch, Caviar and Pop-Up Beer Halls

Yes, weekend, may I have another?

$3 Beers. Also: Brunch Every Day.

$3 Beers. Also: Brunch Every Day.

Us: Isn’t it great that Boundary Stone now serves its brunch stuff every day, like chorizo-egg sandwiches?
You: Sure, but what are they going to do for me right now?
Us: Well, today’s their anniversary, so they’re pouring local beers for three bucks all night.
You: Thanks.

$3 beers Sep 25, until close; brunch now served daily, 11am; Boundary Stone, 116 Rhode Island Ave NW, 202-621-6635

Tonight: Bottomless Caviar

Tonight: Bottomless Caviar

If you’re going as a Russian oligarch for Halloween, now’s the time to get into character—by piling a plate high with blini and fish eggs. And then doing it again. And again. In fact, you can now do this every Thursday at Mari Vanna’s caviar bar. They’ll even throw in a shot of vodka. Because... of course.

Thursdays, 5pm-close, $29, Mari Vanna, 1141 Connecticut Ave NW, 202-783-7777

A Damn Nice-Looking Coffee Shop

A Damn Nice-Looking Coffee Shop

Marines. You know you can trust them. Especially when it comes to helping you function in the morning. Here we have two Afghanistan vets who are roasting nine different blends in this bright, airy shop that also has an on-site baker. Who’s a former Navy SEAL. Kidding.

If It’s Italian, It’s Here

If It’s Italian, It’s Here

Come next year, this new Georgetown shop will be an all-Italian wine bar/cheese shop/prosciutto monger. Until then, just content yourself with Umbrian pasta, sauces, olive oils and all the stuff you could ever want to cook it with. It’s best to be patient with prosciutto anyway.

Opens Sep 27, Via Umbria, 1525 Wisconsin Ave NW, 202-333-3904

A Multilevel Oktoberfest in G’town

A Multilevel Oktoberfest in G’town

It’s not even October. So no, of course Oktoberfests aren’t done. This weekend’s entry: Cady’s Alley behind M Street, which is filling up with pretzel carts, Alpine musicians and a two-story pop-up beer hall in a former furniture store. Yes, there’s still furniture to sit on.

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