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Quick story:

The year is 1962. One of the most notable taquerias in Mexico City, Taqueria El Farolito, opens its doors. They go on to conduct important work in taco technology and pioneer the art of charcoal-grilled tacos. Mexico promptly loses its sh*t.

Cut to 2014. They decide to share their tortilla trade secrets with the US, bringing their first stateside taqueria here. Well, to Hallandale Beach. It’s called Wapo Taco. And it’s open now.

There’s an all-around happy vibe happening here. Mostly because you’re about to eat tacos. But the festive ribbons, bright-orange tile and mariachi music definitely don’t hurt. (Take a look here, por favor.)

In fact, they set the tone for a laid-back post-cocktail-hour refueling session. One that’ll likely include a michelada to go with your charcoal-grilled tacos. Like the tacos de costilla, with sliced ribeye stuffed into tortillas.

Which, incidentally, are made on an authentic comal smuggled in by the chef directly from Mexico. The cops even stopped him on his way into the US.

You know contraband tortillas when you taste them.

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