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Some Chefs Made You These Cooking Playlists

None “The octopus tastes like Weezer.”

“The soft-shell crab tastes like the Alabama Shakes.”

“The ramen tastes like En Vogue.”

If you’ve never heard any of those sentences before, it’s because you haven’t heard of Supper., a new website full of preselected playlists curated by musicians and chefs from some of the world’s top restaurants, now online.

If it helps, think of this as the jukebox of food. But it probably doesn’t. So instead, know this...

It’s got dozens of top-to-bottom recipes from restaurants that you either like or would like if you went there. Then it’s got handpicked Spotify playlists right underneath them that set the perfect vibe for each meal.

So dinner dates are easy now. First, go to the site. Standard. Then click a dinner you’d like to prepare. Maybe it’s ramen from Bone Daddies in London or the mushroom-and-pear soup from Momofuku Ko in New York.

Then just let the music set the mood while you put it all together.

Unless the music is Good Charlotte, then cook something else.

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