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Look, Here’s a 270-Degree Movie Screen

If you’re the type of movie buff who’s watched Lawrence of Arabia and Gravity on your phone and thought the visuals were just fine...

Go ahead and delete this email. Have a great day out there.

But if you’d be interested in a movie screen that’s actually three movie screens, thus creating 270 degrees of rather striking scenic overload...

Now you have Barco Escape, a singular new theater debuting Friday inside the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center.

Lots of options for viewing a movie in this town. 3D. 4D. Imax. Producers’ basements. Studio lots. Agencies. Cemeteries. Well, here’s... another one. It’s one very special room at a Westside cineplex that uses multiple projectors and three giant screens to stitch together one very wide image. Like surround sound for your eyes.

Right now, Hollywood is still figuring out how to use this head-turning technology, but it will debut Friday with about six minutes of extra footage during The Maze Runner to make you feel like you’re running in the maze. Presumably from a focus group.

After that: no one is saying what’s next.

But fingers crossed they screen the US Open here next year.


Barco Escape
at Cinemark 18 and XD
6081 Center Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

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