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A New French Powerhouse from Daniel Boulud

None 4 Photos Bar Boulud
None 4 Photos Bar Boulud
Daniel Boulud, meet Boston.

Boston, meet Bar Boulud, a vast wonderland of French delights opening tonight in Back Bay.

Michelin-star collector. Honorary French knight. Guy who’s about to make you look really good to a date. These are all accurate ways to describe Daniel Boulud. And for the first time, he’s setting up shop in Boston.

So here are three ways to make the most of that marvelous situation:

For a highly successful lunchcapade.
The kind spent at a seven-seat marble charcuterie bar holding 8th & Orchards made with rye, house grenadine and apple cider. And probably eating cured meats. (See the menus here.)

A second meeting with a wine-appreciative date.
Maybe they’ll be impressed by those walls made out of French wine crates. Or by the presence of wine-red velvet banquettes everywhere. Perhaps a fine Burgundy plucked from that massive glass wall full of wine bottles will do the job. Probably should’ve said that last part sooner.

Celebrating some worthy accomplishment.
We don’t know exactly what. But something that warrants sealing off a 22-seat private dining room and filling it with veal trios (try not to eat the slideshow) and peekytoe crab salads.

Just add accomplishment.


Bar Boulud
776 Boylston St
Boston, MA, 02199


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