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A Tasting Room, Gastropub and Tipsy Bakery in Napa

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You can do a lot with seven acres.

Ideally, there’d be a gastropub, rivers of wine and a bakery smelling of ham-forward croissants.


... it would be Cairdean Estate, a seven-acre complex of near-endless wining, pubbing and croissant-ing, now open north of St. Helena. (See the menus right here, and then see the slideshow over here.)

In short, three of the five important buildings at this leisure compound are ready for you (the shop/gallery/event space and the winery are coming soon). And they are...

The tasting room: where wine happens.
It’s modern. It’s airy. It’s stocked with about 21 wines. And it’s open later than you might expect—until 8pm. Yeah. Wild.

The English gastropub: where meat pies, Scotch eggs and barrel-aged Rob Roys happen.
It’s a classic black-and-white-tiled spot called the Farmer and the Fox, where you can post up and watch some winery harvesting through the picture window. Nice.

The bakery: where croissant deliciousness happens.
They’re not just filled with ham and cheese here at the Butterscots bakery. They’re... filled... with ham and cheese. Like throughout the whole croissant. Also, the whole property serves liquor, so margaritas and croissants: now a thing.

If it wasn’t already a thing.

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