Tavern on Little Fort

Fort of Call

Part History Museum. Part Sports. All Bar.

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Smartwatches. Pfft.

Early settlers didn’t need smartwatches to get them where they were going.

They had the sun, a good horse and whiskey. Though, it had to be murder finding a place with decent panzanella salad.

Seems they could’ve used a Tavern on Little Fort. But luckily for you: at long last, it’s now open in Lincoln Square. (See the slideshow here.)

At its heart, this is a sports bar. The name, however, comes from the time when Lincoln Avenue was an Indian trail called Little Fort Road. It went all the way to what is now Waukegan and was dotted by little saloons all along the way.

So you get a veritable history museum in a watering hole—wagon wheels behind the bar. Rusty saws on old barn-wood walls. A totem pole in the center of the room. The Golden Tee and 10 flat-screens are a bit of an anachronism, but so are flushing toilets. Don’t overthink this.

What you’ll do here: drink small-batch scotch, get familiar with this year’s Oktoberfest beers, watch the game...

Oh, and eat sandwiches. They have 11 of them, like braised short rib with charred escarole, breaded pork with kimchi and lamb burgers with tzatziki.

Thanks for the inspiration, settlers.


Tavern on Little Fort
4128 N Lincoln Ave
(at Warner)
Chicago, IL, 60618


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