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Foie Gras Waffles and Weird Cocktails at SLS

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José Andrés is doing things again.

Things that involve foie gras waffles, tableside beef tartare and one unnecessarily long communal table at Bazaar Meat by José Andrés, which is now open at SLS. (See the slideshow here.)

So that’s nice.


Oh, but first, know this:

It’s a steakhouse, sure...
But it’s also 13,058 square feet’s worth of antler chandeliers, silver crocodile busts and timber-printed rugs. Philippe Starck was involved in the design because of course he was.

It’s home to what may very well be the world’s longest dining room table.
Thing’s huge. Great for mapping out plans with flirty strangers over bluefin tuna belly and caviar flights. (Right. Here’s the menu.)

It’s got a “Fire Stage.”
Which is just an excellent way of saying you can sit there and watch the preparation of your beef and lamb cuts in Spanish-style open grills, wood-burning terra-cotta ovens and a whole-animal station. It’s a good station.

The cocktails are from the future.
In your drinks: passion fruit foam, liquid olives and smoking cachaça. Silly José.

There’s a room called the Silver Room.
And it’s where you’ll go when you need a bit of privacy and the feeling that you’re dining inside of a robot.

It’s not weird if it’s great.

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