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A Colonial-Feeling Imbibery This Way Comes

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Imagine all the things you could do with a time machine:

Give some pointers on fire discovery.

Plot a safe course for the Titanic.

Curb Lincoln’s appreciation for the theater.


Imbibe like it’s 1799 at The Tap Trailhouse, a colonial throwback of a tavern brimming with rabbit sausage and beer cocktails, opening for dinner on Thursday by Faneuil Hall. (See the slideshow here.)

Please assume a comfortable position for the receiving of information:

A long, long time ago, this was the Tap.
Well, in February it was. But now all the Guinness pitchers and Coors Light signs are gone. In their place: a colonial-inspired menu and two dozen draft lines of local beer. If this were a Venn diagram, beer would be the middle part.

Your beer tastes a little funny.
Don’t worry, that’s just all the mint and rum in the Old ’Gansett, because it’s a beer cocktail. And there’s three more where that came from.

The menu looks like a document from National Treasure.
Must be all the 18th-century typography and words like “cookery.” Or maybe that rabbit sausage with maple sugar johnnycakes. (The menu’s right this way.)

You can order the American Dream.
It’s an apple pie cordial with cinnamon and bitters.

Live it.

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