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This Place Is More Healthy Than Unhealthy

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Great summer you had back there.

Let’s see, there were those game-day Fenway Franks.

That whole beer-and-ribs-filled Fourth of July business.

And fried things. Just... lots of fried things.

Time to repent.

Or at least enjoy a moderately healthy and fully delicious lunch at Mother Juice, a wee little dispensary of smoothies, plant-based pasta and other things you keep telling yourself you’ll eat more of, expecting to open Monday in Kendall Square.

This started as a juice-and-smoothies-only food truck. But now it’s got four walls and things that require a fork to eat. (Oh, look, a menu.)

Inside, it’s all shiny white surfaces and green things. (See the slideshow here.) Like those lime green stools at the window bar. Or that wall full of plants in little pots and boxes.

Kind of makes you want to order something like...

The Coco Love: A smoothie composed of raw cacao, maca, banana, almond milk and almond butter. Loving almonds helps.

Zucchini Noodles: That would be flourless pasta made out of zucchini with a scratch-made walnut pesto. Not a zucchini made out of pasta.

Unicorn Blood: Which is really just a fantastically named juice mixture of beet, celery, carrot, pineapple and fennel.

You can’t serve real unicorn.

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