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California or Bust

Brendan Sodikoff Does the California Clipper

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Take one retro cocktail lounge.

Add one nightlife impresario.

Shake gently.

Hey, we said gently. Oh, great. Now you’ve gone and shaken it too hard.

Here. Watch how a real pro does it:

Reacquaint yourself with The California Clipper, the Humboldt Park bar that’s just been polished up by Brendan Sodikoff, now open... again. (See the slideshow here.)

Things are a bit different now, as you might expect. Witness:

The Atmosphere
Before: A vinyl-and-chrome-accented art deco tavern. Red lights glowing over the faces of hipsters. Tattered vintage furniture occasionally held together with tape.
After: Still art deco. The red lights still glow. Now: less electrical tape and more leather club chairs.

The Cocktails
Before: A respectable rundown of old-timey favorites like grasshoppers and brandy Alexanders.
After: Those retro drinks are now part of a 75-to-80-strong cocktail list, including shaved-ice cocktails, punch bowls, rare scotch... and $3 shots, if you insist.

The Entertainment
Before: Local bands. Bingo nights.
After: Local bands, yes. Bingo, no.

The Cigar Shop in the Back
Before: Entirely nonexistent.
After: Well, it will exist. Look for a shop in the back with hand-rolled cigars and artisanal tobacco to open soon.

Artisanal tobacco. So it’s come to that.


The California Clipper
1002 N California Ave
(at Augusta)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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