Lazy Bear

Bear Necessity

A Pop-Up Legend That’s Gone Permanent

You need something really good to bring you back into real life today.

Something... Lazy-Bear-is-a-permanent-place-now good.


Lazy Bear is a permanent place now.

Any other requests?

In the meantime, here’s Lazy Bear, the impossible-to-get-into underground pop-up that’s now a real restaurant. Tickets go on sale this week for the preview dinners starting next week. (The official debut is September 25.)

This new era means... two seatings, six nights a week. Getting in still won’t be easy. You’ll want to sign up for that website mailing list now, assuming you didn’t already do this back when someone told you about a new show called Cougar Town.

This new era means... your night begins with cocktails on the mezzanine. Then you’ll all follow the scent of that bread—no, really, it’ll hit you on the stairs on your way in—to what feels like an elegant dinner-hibernation cave.

This new era means... two long tables that’ll collectively seat about 40 diners total. Then comes a little meal involving maybe 20 courses—maybe fancy whipped scrambled eggs, or cucumber and crawfish with a buttery shellfish bisque.

This new era means... it’s a good time to be alive, bisque-wise.


Lazy Bear
3416 19th St
(near Mission)
San Francisco, CA, 94110

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