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A New Brewery in an Old Buick Dealership

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The South Loop has a pretty colorful history.

Brothels. Gangsters. Buick dealerships.

No good breweries, though.

(This is the part where you pretend not to see the next sentence coming.)

Surprise: it’s Vice District Brewing Co., a maker of totally legit beer that’s opening as early as tomorrow. (See the slideshow here.)

The building served as the city’s first Buick showroom and is considered part of Motor Row. Probably explains why “Buick” is engraved on the building’s facade.

As for what’s inside: a few relics of the area’s past life, like exposed brick, an old fire-safety door and a photomural of happy people hoisting cold ones the day Prohibition ended. Mostly, though, it’s about the not-too-distant future when you can find a malty black IPA just by asking for a Habitual.

Now, you’re perfectly within your rights to swing by for a growler of an English-style bitter (one of their five debut beers) before heading off to tailgate at Soldier Field. And you should exercise that right.

But if you stick around, they’ll have a few TVs for the game. Not to mention snack-y things like jerky all the way from Paris, Kentucky.

And you thought it was going to be snooty French jerky.


Vice District Brewing Co.
1454 S Michigan Ave
(between 14th and 16th)
Chicago, IL, 60605


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