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Fish Tacos and Mezcal at Assembly Row

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We hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Because Legal Sea Foods didn’t.

They were too busy building you a new 7,100-square-foot crustacean playground.

This is where you say “Thank you.”

And this is where we introduce Legal on the Mystic, an industrial-looking mecca for pleasures from the sea and pleasures from the bottle, open as of today at Assembly Row. (See the slideshow here.)

At first glance, you might think this is some sort of unused auto factory from the golden age of American manufacturing. Chalk it up to the polished concrete surfaces, the 16-foot ceiling and the giant garage doors opening up to views of the Mystic River. Ah, there’s where that name came from.

You should have it all figured out once the guy at the end of the bar slides a mezcal and crème de cacao El Camino your way. And before long, you’re in a booth debating the merits of Crab & Pepperoni Pizza versus blackened-swordfish tacos. (The menu’s right this way.)

Actually, wait. Let’s retract “booth.” That was absurd. Because you should really be outside on the patio with room for 36 ecstatic people.

Some of them might just be content. No way of knowing.

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