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A Massive Gaming Palace in River North

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We don’t know why.

Don’t ask us to explain it.

We really can’t.

All we can do is tell you 1) yes, this town has indeed developed an appetite for increasingly large retro video game bars, and 2) don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if 3) said gift horse comes bearing shrines to Weird Science–era Kelly LeBrock.

Now on to HQ Beercade River North, a pleasurable romp in the warm confines of ’80s nostalgia and modern-day bourbon, opening tonight.

Basically, it’s a bigger version of their Lakeview sibling. But... couple major differentiators:

Here, you have two floors. You have pages from a Shel Silverstein book used as wallpaper.

Here, you have wall-size Kelly LeBrock and Ferris Bueller posters as your spiritual overseers.

Here, you have bathtubs repurposed as bar shelves. You have mint juleps in shot form, 78 beers to choose from and the U.S. Mint, a bourbon cocktail served with a gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coin.

Here, you have Salisbury steak and kimchi deviled eggs on the menu.

Here, you have Robotron 2084, NBA Jam, BurgerTime and Hang-On, a rideable motorcycle game from the days of yore.

Actually, the owners have it. But they’ll let you play with it.


HQ Beercade River North
213 W Institute Pl
(between Wells and Franklin)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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