Spain and Pleasure

Pintxos and Spanish Wine on Restaurant Row

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We’d like you to meet Gilda.

She’s just your type.

Thin. Spanish. Smells like anchovies.

We think you’re going to be seeing a lot of each other.

That’s because Salero, a new haven of Basque-region indulgences, has just opened on Restaurant Row. And, yes, she’s on the menu.

Or it’s on the menu. Whatever the proper pronoun is for a pintxo.

You know pintxos. Those little bite-size things you find everywhere in Basque Country—in beach enclaves, in sexy Bilbao bars, amid whitewashed lean-tos in San Sebastián. Well, they’re also a big deal here.

Imagine: a white oak bar. Stucco walls with bull horns hanging on them. Yep. Perfect place to order a Spanish Gin & Tonic with grapefruit and lime before nibbling the night away... (See the slideshow here.)

Little crab toast. Some Marcona almonds. And everywhere in between, The Gilda, a classic pintxo skewer consisting of guindilla pepper, anchovy and manzanilla olives.

But should your appetite require something consisting of more than two bites, head to the dining room, take a seat under those bull horns and summon a bottle of rioja. Then some chorizo-stuffed quail. Then a whole lobster served in a style similar to paella.

Don’t worry. It also has chorizo.

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