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iO Opens a Bar and Beer Garden in Lincoln Park

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Let’s do one of those crazy improv exercises.

Someone throw out a suggestion. A place. Could be anywhere.

Okay, did we hear “iO Chicago’s new theater/beer garden/bar/comedy multiplex that’s now soft-open in Lincoln Park”?

That’s good. We can work with that.

Yes, that fabled training ground for the likes of Tina Fey and Chris Farley has found itself a new home in an old furniture warehouse. And now, it’s a two-story good-times factory.

First, it’s got improv classes where the Vince Vaughns, Amy Poehlers and Jason Sudeikises of tomorrow hone their God-given ability to make you snicker like a monkey.

Second, while you probably don’t get to improv much these days, it’s still a good place to send out-of-towners who want to feel closer to the spirit of Chris Farley. The Chris Farley Cabaret theater should do. It’s a snug, minimalist stage on the second floor.

Third, and most importantly, it’s got a loft-like tavern with brick walls and lots of exposed timber, plus a big beer garden outside. Stop in pre- or postshow for a banh mi flatbread and some margaritas made with ghost pepper bitters.

The old margaritas-in-a-beer-garden move.

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