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A Chinese Date Palace Rises at the Palms

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Hate to start things off on a sour note like this, but... sorry.

You can’t eat dim sum in a cavernous purple room near a bunch of tiny Buddhas today.

Next week, on the other hand...

That’s when Lao Sze Chuan opens, a gold and red and purple palace of candlelit tables, temple-like ornateness and Chinese delights that you can eat, soft-opening August 29 at the Palms. (See the slideshow here.)

You can thank chef Tony Hu for this one. Sort of a legend in Chicago’s Chinatown, that guy. And, as you might expect, his Vegas debut is less ducks-hanging-in-the-window and more beaded-curtains-hanging-from-the-ceiling.

And somewhere underneath the dangling chandeliers and intricate wooden carvings... somewhere between the bronze bamboo pillars and that wall of Buddhas... that’s where you’ll be.

Just sort of hanging out with your date. The menu’s huge (and you can check it out here), so the two of you will have plenty of time to get to know each other over sizzling beef hot pots, dim sum and Shanghai-style coral cod.

Oh, and soon you’ll be able to do all of the above out on the patio overlooking the Palms pool.

There’s a steamed buns joke in here somewhere.

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