Rice Dreams

Rice Burgers. It’s Happening.

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Today, some bad news.

Bread, born in 28,000 BC, has died of natural causes.

Not a bad little run. But moving on...

Welcome Yonekichi, a tiny East Village takeout joint that has perfected the art of the rice burger, opening Monday.

Now, it’s perfectly normal for you to have questions about this. Naturally, we have answers...

What’s a rice burger?
It’s where, instead of a bun, you’ve got two semi-crispy, lightly browned patties of sticky rice. Plus a burger or whatever deliciousness they can put on ’em.

Is it all burgers here?
No, actually. Eel, miso salmon and pork shoulder are all things that they’re lovingly placing on rice buns. They even have a chicken-meatball one with shishito peppers. Oh, and you can add a soft-boiled egg to any of them.

Holy... seriously?
Yes. Seriously. You can see the full menu here.

Mmm. When would one eat these things?
Those times when you’re meeting someone for drinks and there’s no time for a sit-down situation. Those times when you just met someone for drinks and there needs to be a burger situation.

Can I just see a couple of the burgers?
We thought you’d never ask. Behold...

... That was some top-notch beholding.

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